Sara Mokhavat

Sara Mokhavat is an Iranian writer and filmmaker with a background in screenwriting and play-directing. She has worked in both cinema and theatre as an actress, writer, and director since 2004. Her academic history and experimental activities have given her the vision and courage necessary for her creative career. She has two feature screenplays, and her first novel, “A Woman Who Was Found Among Lost Objects,” was published in 2016. Sara directed one of her plays, “Farewell My Cherry Orchard,” in 2018 at the City Theater of Tehran. Her debut short film, “SHOGOON,” was followed by “Private,” which 

was selected for the competition section at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2021. “Lovebirds” is her latest project, exploring the aftermath of a collapsed relationship and the difficulties of moving on.


“Lovebirds” is a short film that explores the aftermath of a collapsed relationship between Masoud and his beloved fiancée Maniya. Their love affair was based on sadomasochistic tendencies and childish mischiefs that kept the flame of their love burning. But when the girl unexpectedly ends the relationship and leaves without a word, Masoud is left in a state of mourning, struggling to accept the end of their love and move on…

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In a girl-high school, in downtown Tehran, at the blank spot on the school’s CCTV, something horrible had happened, something very unusual. The staffs are so angry, devastated, and shocked. The school principal decides to take action to control the situation and calm the air. She summons three students who she believes are involved with the issue. The girls are desperately trying to prove their innocence. But the staff doesn’t accept their claims. In these critical circumstances, when their confused and angry parents arrive, another situation comes up…

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A hard of hearing elder woman, stuck in the elevator, struggles to make sense of the happenings outside and get out. She is hard of hearing older lady, but she doesn’t need to listen at all. She spots something bizarre from the window of her apartment. She gets stuck in the elevator into which she just rushed. She struggles to get help, but no one seems to care enough. For her, something catastrophic is unfolding out there, yet she is utterly helpless to figure out what. She gets devastated by the minute, wondering why not even her children would come to rescue her. Did she miss something everyone else did not?



Within the dynamic framework of the Zigguart Team, Sara emerges not only as a skilled and accomplished professional artist but also as a vital contributor in the role of a distributor. Sara brings a unique perspective to the team, leveraging her artistic sensibilities alongside her keen understanding of the distribution landscape. Through her dual role, she seamlessly bridges the gap between artistic creation and market accessibility, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the diverse works curated by Zigguart reach and resonate with a broader audience. Sara’s presence within the Zigguart Team exemplifies the collaborative spirit of the collective, where individual talents converge to shape a unified and impactful artistic identity.

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