Hesam Sharifi was born in January 1989. He was fascinated by art from childhood and he started painting figurative, expressionistic, surrealistic pictures. This passion led him to the conservatory and by studying illustration he learned graphic and digital painting. 


Marcello Scarselli was born in Santa Maria a Monte, in the province of Pisa, in 1953. After graduating from the Technical Institute of Pontedera (Pi), he attended drawing and carving courses


Maristella Angeli is an Italian artist born in Foligno (PG) in 1957. She lives and works in Macerata (MC) in her home studio


Horacio Carrena was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1955. He graduated from the University of Visual Arts in Buenos Aires in 1978 and started his professional career in 1979.


Sukraat Tiwari is a contemporary artist from India. Art is what Sukraat felt enamored in when he was a child. Although he had no intentions of pursuing it initially, that changed when he began studying art more seriously


Alireza Naghedi was born in January 1999 in Tehran. He was interested in painting from an early age. An emotionally-focused painter who portrays his and others’ inner emotions and sensations. 


Angela Scavo is a contemporary artist born in 1977 in CaracasVenezuela. From an early age, she linked to artistic manifestations.


Amir Houshang Aghamiri is a Persian miniature artist born in Karaj, Iran in 1971. His professional artistic activity is started officially in 1990 when he becomes…


Mila is a self-taught artist without an ounce of official training, who frankly doesn’t know what she’s doing. But she believes in carrying messages to people and bringing out emotions. 


Rajendra Anandrao Partil better known as Para is a contemporary Indian artist born in Chopda Maharashtra on 1st of January in 1966.


Armando Di Nunzio is an Italian sculptor who lives in San Giovanni Teatino, a town in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo.


Giada Rotundo was born in 1991 near Milan. The artist’s research is basically founded on images of the past


Elisa Rossi is an Italian artist based in Los Angeles and uses different mediums (oilacryliccharcoalpastels) to create expressive artworks that fluctuate between figuration and abstraction.


Luca Scaini is a contemporary artist born in Lecco, Italy, on the 21st March of 1972. His artistic heritage counts on painters and illustrators mentioned in important catalogs of the XX early-mid century.


Lara Maltz is an Argentinian artist born in Buenos Aires in 1992. She is a Visual Artist and Director of Stop Motion Animation.


Marco Antonio Jimènez Iriarte is a contemporary visual artist from Venezuela. In 2000, he graduated from the Armando Reverón University Institute of Higher Studies in Plastic Arts…


Firoozeh Shabqareh was born in July 1994, has a bachelor’s degree in painting from Tehran Islamic Azad University. was born in July 1994, has a bachelor degree in painting from Tehran Islamic Azad University. Her paintings are…. mainly in the style of expressionism and abstract style…


Aziz Anzabi is a talented, passionate, and hardworking artist with a history of creating original pieces of artwork through different techniques.


Anna Scarpetti is a contemporary Italian artist born in Palmanova (UD) on 2th  of November in 1986; she graduated from the art high school in 2007 and she moved to Venice 


Claudia Sigismondi pseudonym Sigismondi Claudette is a contemporary Italian artist born in Frosinone on January 12th in 1981.


Elysanne Schuurman is a contemporary Dutch illustrator and designer. She mainly creates custom artworks and designs for clients and work with disciplines in the fields of fashion, art, film and theatre(


Michele Pau is a contemporary Italian artist born in 1983, Oristano, Sardinia. His first artistic experiences date back to late adolescence, to the practice of Graffiti art.


Katayoon Noori is an Iranian artist born in Tehran in 1981. The passion for painting began from her childhood. When she was nine years old and, Karayoun’s mom encouraged her in this way. 


Farhad Irani is a photographer, video director, and musician born in June 1985 in Tehran, Iran. Farhad was born with a rare genetic condition known as Treacher Collins syndrome as was the same for his mother.


Marina Zanello was born in Monfalcone, the extreme northern offshoot of the Mediterranean sea, in 1984.


Aleksandra Geremia, with the art name ChechelShura, is a contemporary artist from Russia. Aleksandra’s artistic journey started at a very young age when…


Rosa Salazar is a contemporary artist born in 1985 in Barcelona- Edo- AnzoáteguiVenezuela. She currently resides in Caracas.


Born in 1995 in Zanjan, IRAN, Ehsan Majouni is a contemporary actor and filmmaker from Iran.



Milad Ismailianfard is an Iranian contemporary artist born in Mashhad in 2001. Milad has been interested in painting since he was a child trying to show his mental images to others.


Álvaro Gómez-Pantojabetter known as Panto is a Spanish contemporary artist born in Valencia in 1996. 


Born in 1995 in Tabriz, Ashkan Zehtab is a contemporary filmmaker from Iran.


Sara Yeganeh is a self-taught Iranian artist born in Teheran on the 4th of February in 1999. Sara’s artistic journey started at a very young age when she has started to represent her emotions through drawing.


Venezuelan artist Domingo Javier Laya Linarez was born on July 18 of 1981, in San Felipe, Yaracuy State. Influenced by his mother, who was a librarian and teacher, from an early age, Domingo has become involved in the world of art: puppetry, drawing, literature, and music.


Vanessa Ferrauto is known as a makeup artist in the film and fashion industry. She has worked with Academy Awards and international celebrities…


Simona Paganella is a painter that her artistic studies and her passion for painting, has led her to be the person that she is now.


Bahargol Ebrahimi, an Iranian painter born in tehran has been passionate about art as far back as she remembers. She has taken part in numerous painting classes which were not easily affordable. 


Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary is a qualified creative VFX Compositor with over ten years of experience as a visual effects artist in the entertainment industry…


Leonardo Genovese was born in 1998 in Italy. As a child, he was extremely creative and has been passionate about digital art…



Hadis Naghshineh is a talented VFX Compositor born in 1994 in Kermanshah, Iran. She graduated In Television and Digital arts with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Iranian painting from Isfahan University of Art.


Moheb Zahedi, was born in July 1989, is a self-taught artist, freelance painter, and illustrator with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.


Alessandro Vicentini is an Italian sculptor born in Mantova, where he currently lives. He is an emergent sculptor and an autodidact artist.



Vahid Tanzifian is a 3D artist born in Isfahan, Iran. He has professional skills in 3D animations and cinema visual effects productions.


Rebecca Beris is a contemporary artist who paints primarily in acrylic paints. She is originally from Australia


Soheil Bitaraf with the art name Shinnoak is from Gilan in the North of Iran. He’s a freelance painter and designer and works in different styles such as the grotesque, macabre and dark fantasy.


Mohammadreza Mohammadifard is a 3D, 2D animation artist, and motion graphic artist born in Isfahan, Iran. He has professional skills in 2D animation development and visual effects productions.


Travis Simone is a young self-taught artist from Stamford, CT. He says: I’ve struggled with all forms of abuse and mental illness all of my life.


Valentina Albanese was born in 1983. She is an artist and art Historian. Art has always been her way of communicating with her surroundings since she was a child.


Serena Attanasio is an Italian artist born in Rome in 1987, the city where she lives and works. With a tough childhood behind, often marked by painful moments, she is combating to adapt to a new reality by rediscovering herself repeatedly.


Alberto Erosi was born in Crema on March 15, 1997. After attending the artistic high school, he decided to enroll in the Fine Art Academy


Yeganeh Hobbi was born in 1993. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in “Product Design” from Islamic Azad University of Tehran.


J. Gram is an Experienced Multi and Mixed Media Producer/Director with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry…

Ma.da is not a person, she is an artist. An artist who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources…


Ghazale Eghbal Hamed was born in September 1985 in Tehran. She had a keen interest in beauty since childhood. So, with the encouragement and support of her family, she began studying graphic arts at the Art Conservatory.


Somayeh Rahmani was born in Tehran in 1993. She has a bachelor’s degree in painting from the Art University of Semnan.


Originally born in Laos, Chinda Smith moved to England at the age of two. This shift in diaspora is a central theme in her work, as she comments on the erasure of identity…


Danilo Xhema, is from ItalyRome. He paints and draws in an expressionistic style, sometimes even on the border between surrealism


Iraj Sedaghatzadeh was born in 2003 and is from IsfahanIran. He works as a paintersculptortattoo artist, and wall painter.

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