Armando Di Nunzio is an Italian sculptor who lives in San Giovanni Teatino, a town in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo.


Lara Maltz is an Argentinian artist born in Buenos Aires in 1992. She is a Visual Artist and Director of Stop Motion Animation.


Rajendra Anandrao Partil better known as Para is a contemporary Indian artist born in Chopda Maharashtra on 1st of January in 1966.


Alessandro Vicentini is an Italian sculptor born in Mantova, where he currently lives. He is an emergent sculptor and an autodidact artist.


Claudia Sigismondi pseudonym Sigismondi Claudette is a contemporary Italian artist born in Frosinone on January 12th in 1981.


Iraj Sedaghatzadeh was born in 2003 and is from IsfahanIran. He works as a paintersculptortattoo artist, and wall painter.

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