Sara Mokhavat is an artist, writer, and film maker based in Tehran, Iran. She studied screen writing at the Art University of Tehran


Hesam Sharifi was born in January 1989. He was fascinated by art from childhood and he started painting figurative, expressionistic, surrealistic pictures. This passion led him to the conservatory and by studying illustration he learned graphic and digital painting. 


Farhad Irani is a photographer, video director, and musician born in June 1985 in Tehran, Iran. Farhad was born with a rare genetic condition known as Treacher Collins syndrome as was the same for his mother.


Peyman (Mohsen) Naji, born on 24 August 1980, is an Iranian director, screenwriter, and actor. He is also a member of Khana Cinema (The House of Cinema) and a screenwriting teacher in Iran.


Born in 1995 in Zanjan, IRAN, Ehsan Majouni is a contemporary actor and filmmaker from Iran.


Born in 1995 in Tabriz, Ashkan Zehtab is a contemporary filmmaker from Iran.


Duda Gorter is a Brazil-based filmmaker and storyteller known for her passionate commitment to independent cinema.

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