Psicodelia – Tierra De Gracia Series

Psicodelia – Tierra De Gracia SeriesMarco Antonio Jimènez Iriarte is a contemporary visual artist from Venezuela. In 2000, he graduated from the Armando Reverón University Institute of Higher Studies in Plastic Arts. Title Obtained: Bachelor of Fine Arts Mention in Painting (Caracas – Venezuela). And in 2006 he graduated from the National University of Costa Rica with a Master of Business Administration in Museology (M.B.A)(read more about this artist).


Beautiful artwork by Marco Antonio Jimènez Iriarte

  1. TIERRA DE GRACIA – Image dimensions and resolution: 1200 x 1200, 72 dpi (42  x 42 cm)
  2. VIGILANTE – Image dimensions and resolution: 2611 x 2611, 82 dpi (36 x 36 cm)
  3. VIGILANTES – Image dimensions and resolution: 4061 x 4061, 140 dpi (73 x 73 cm)
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