Key Soul

Key Soul on Zigguart  Rajendra Anandrao Patil better known as Para is a contemporary Indian artist born in Chopda Maharashtra on the 1st of January in 1966. The material dimension of daily life and its potential to be transmuted into aesthetic practice has been an integral part of Rajendra Patil’s artistic vision and repertoire(Read more about this artist).

Canon – The inner instincts that generated the solution to a soulful mind.

Beautiful artwork by  Rajendra Anandrao Patil
Style: Sculpture
Height: 15 in
Sides: 14 * 4 in
Material: Metal casting
Processing: entirely manual
Construction period: 2018
Place of realization: Mumbai – India



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Inbetween Hope and Fear Visual art has the strength of captivating the soul of the artist. This brings the molding of life turmoil and experiences into the idiom of his art, which gets nurtured through the doldrums and pains of life. The beauty of the process of creation is that the critical and emotional aspects of life are transformed into the blissful manifestation of energy and rigor. For some artists the happiness is experienced when they are engrossed into such a unique process of 'psycho-technology'. The medium, technique, and process of construction make the technology work. The unique aspect of the body of art created by Rajendra Patil is that he uses various mediums and techniques of art creation multidimensionally. He has also effectively used the digital form of art in this exhibition. The navigation of visual elements moving for joy is clearly felt by the viewer. There is no need to call the works 'abstract' in order to experience his art. This artwork belongs to the "Inbetween Hope and Fear " collection. The work is available for sale at Zigguart Virtual Art Gallery.
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