Armando Di Nunzio

Armando Di Nunzio is an Italian sculptor who lives in San Giovanni Teatino, a town in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo. His dialogue with art has been open for at least thirty years, when his training course began at the State Art Institute of Pescara, in the Advertising Graphic and Photography section, obtaining the master’s degree of art.

The first approaches to manual skills derive from the luck of being born in a family of artisans. A carpenter father and a seamstress mother have left an indelible mark in Armando’s life from which he has drawn strength and determination for his artistic life.

The En Plein air painting, theater, dance, photography, manipulation of clay, and the curiosity towards the most different materials have been marked the start of Armando Di Nunzio’s journey, with this bizarre torment that is called Art, slowly leading him to discover the fascination for stone sculpture.  In fact, after several years of self-taught experimentation, and above all thanks to the meeting with master Walter Zuccarini and Emilia Longheu, founders of the association La Casa per le Arti, Armando’s silence turned into a scream.

The art of sculpture requires volitional and mostly physical strength. It needs that body-mind presence of the Here-and-Now while, shot after shot when the raw material takes shape in the third dimension! Armando’s journey into art is research for contamination with the most heterogeneous forms of expression that preserve the beauty and truth given by the observation of Nature. 

Earth, Fire, Water, and Air are the only objects he recognizes, and the rest is relative! Armando Says: With sculpture, I’ve started learning the art of removing, digging, discovering new forms by connecting past, present, and future and to reconnect with the planet that I live. The shapes that I find inside the stone come from a distant space-time. They appear to me as fossils from the future.


"Fossils From the Future"

Everything comes from the Past. Now, we create to bring everything into the Future. The material I work on, which I touch to create my sculptures, reconnects me with the planet I live. They speak to me of very distant times in which each of us lived in various forms. The Latin word Fossilis means to excavate, extract, then remove to bring to light what is not visible. It is the same process that I live when I’m working with my hands, making manifestation into the hidden form of the stone. When, in the middle of the Present time, shot after shot, I take over the testimony of the Past and return it transformed into a new life in the future. Thus I feel that my every gesture can live eternally imprinted in my creation. Armando says.

Fossils from the future” represent Armando’s inner journey of reality and surreality in which he finds himself immersed when he create sinuous and sharp shapes, empty-full that evoke ancestral memories and dreamlike visions. In this personal journey with creation, Armando digs deep into the meanders of his existence, in his relationships with other human beings, and the dialogue with Mother of Nature to reach the essence beyond the superfluous, to recognize and orient the sense of direction.

Sculpture and Land Art

  • Passolanciano Maielletta (Ch) – Terra Madre land art work created with the master Walter Zuccarini – August 2014
  • Valletta (Malta) – Italian Cultural Institute – Shared Traces – organizer of CNA Abruzzo, with the patronage of the Innovation Hub of Artistic Craftsmanship of the Abruzzo Region – February 2015
  • Orsogna – multipurpose center – X sculpture biennial – March 2015
  • San Giovanni Teatino – near the olive grove – The song of fire Terra Madre work of land art. May 2015
  • Lanciano (Ch) – (with) fusions off – at the cloister of Sant’Agostino Oro Bianco sculpture symposium – May 2015
  • Chieti – Infinito Present – at the church of Santa Maria del Tricalle sculpture symposium – June 2015
  • Sant’Anna del Furlo (Pu) – Land art al Furlo VII edition TOTEM: vertical writings September 2016
  • Orsogna (Ch) – multipurpose center – XI sculpture biennial – April 2017
  • Pescara – Aurum the factory of ideas – collective DIA – October 2017
  • Pescara – Galleria Cesare Manzo – collective out of beef overall – November 2017
  • Rome – Analemma gallery in the Monti district – Fossils from the future – December 2017
  • Pescara – Vittoria Colonna Museum of Modern Art – Save Biennale collective – March 2018
  • Rome – Montez gallery – Pietralata district – March 2018
  • Chieti – Infinito Presente second edition – sculpture symposium at the church of Santa Maria del Tricalle. June 2018
  • Pescara – Vittoria Colonna Museum of Modern Art – PopCon collective – June 2019
  • Città Sant’Angelo (Pe) – church of Sant’Agostino – Momenti d’Arte 3 collective – July 2019
  • Castrovalva (Aq) – Distorted perspectives – experimental art festival – July 2019
  • Sant’Anna del Furlo (Pu) – Land art at Furlo X edition of Soul and Stone – August 2019
  • Sant’Anna del Furlo (Pu) – Land art at Furlo XI edition Walking in progress – August 2020
  • Pescara – The three days of the park – September 2020
  • Lettomanoppello (Pe) – 10 days of stone – stone sculpture symposium – September 2020


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