Sukraat Tiwari

Sukraat Tiwari is a contemporary artist from India. Art is what Sukraat felt enamored in when he was a child. Although he had no intentions of pursuing it initially, that changed when he began studying art more seriously, and it quickly became his passion. His style is bright, bold, and dynamic. The colors are vibrant and Flamboyant. Sukraat believes that any volatile and fleeting thought or feeling can lead us to the genesis of art. The result (the artwork) is of paramount importance, the process of taking a commonplace thing and recreating it into something mysterious. So the viewer can relate to the subject is his modus operandi. The meaning behind Sukraat’s artwork is easy to deduce. It is what it says it is. That is why he says: Title says it all. As he experiences the myriad facets of life as an individual,

his work and style are evolving and getting enriched every day. Especially in recent times, some global events have allowed him to tweak the traditional printmaking methods and explore new possibilities.

After receiving formal art education, Sukraat has had several exhibitions throughout the years. In June 2021, his work was exhibited at the “Utopia virtual exhibition”, organized by the Holy art, London. In Amsterdam, his print was displayed in the International Print Mail Art Project “see things in perspective” in June 2021. His work was also displayed in an online exhibition in October 2020 at “Affect art competition 2020”. He has participated in the Swiss art expo 2019, Zurich, Switzerland. Before these, his work was selected and displayed in India at the Artgate gallery, Mumbai, in August 2015. The CVM College of fine arts, Gujarat, 2014, as well as at the F.A.M jam by Krunk, The Daily’s, Mumbai, 2014.


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