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Soheil Bitaraf with the art name Shinnoak, is from Gilan in the North of Iran. He’s a freelance painter and designer and works in different styles such as the grotesque, macabre and dark fantasyHe has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from the Maziyar University of NurHe has participated in different exhibitions. “Limbo“, a double exhibition of design works in Tabriz in 2018 and two little exhibitions in 2010 and 2011 in Nur that he doesn’t remember their names! Based on the artist’s impressions he has accomplished different achievements; being arrested twice for the reason of having a devilish styling in 2008 and 2012 and he once attacked a religious police agent because he was trying to guide him and show him the path to heaven!




The purpose of these works is the ultimate goal of pure art, and it is nothing but beautyThe theme of these art pieces is the dark side of everything, not the great battle between good and evil. Severe mental impulses, intractable black holes, dichotomysophisticated looking and in general, an abstract look with a heavy sense of meaning have made these elements to breathe in his artworks. The path to eternity.

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