Rajendra Anandrao Patil

Rajendra Anandrao Patil better known as Para is a contemporary Indian artist born in Chopda Maharashtra on 1st of January in 1966. The material dimension of daily life and its potential to be transmuted into aesthetic practice has been an integral part of Rajendra Patil’s artistic vision and repertoire. Patil’s formative encounter with the working-class Chawls of Bombay (Mumbai) along with the rural and agrarian landscapes of his childhood in Chopda, have had a distinctive influence on his sensibility. His canvases and installations expand over a period of 

almost three decades. His oeuvre comprises such diverse mediums as oilacrylicmetal casting, terracottamirror glass installation, and digital interface, represented through the language of abstractionconcrete concerns that are grounded in lived reality. Patil’s art over the years reflects the complex, heterogeneous texture of post-industrial urban geographies. It revels in the pleasures and travails of the laboring body encoded in the physicality of tools. It participates in the preservation of ephemeral historical and personal memory through the tangible and quotidian archive of objects. Tools are an important presence in Patil’s paintings and sculptures. They occupy the canvas and the Spatio-temporal coordinates of the environment in diverse ways and providing an archaeological optic with which to interrogate certain primordial and fundamental questions about the nature of human existence. The tool, be it farm equipment, mechanical instruments, or artisans’ implements, serves as a threshold for mankind’s emergence as a cultural being capable of augmenting his powers and turning nature into a resource for knowledge, cultivation, and consumption.

Patil’s palette in most of his paintings evokes the terrestrial shades of brown, earth reds, skies bleached of blue and inky black of space. Moving from a harmonious space of his earlier shamanic forms, Patil invests his canvases and sculptures with a subtle hint of violence that gets further magnified in his recent installation and digital artworks. Where once his paintings celebrated the purely organic, it now addresses the pervasive infiltration of technology into the rhythms and experiences of everyday life. Tools in Patil’s paintings and sculpture are not an object of mimesis or just a figurative component in the artwork’s larger representational message. Rather the tool occupies the artwork performatively as a set of haptic effects: torsions, hollowing, fragmentations, and high-relief mark-making that the painting then registers into the materiality. It leads to a conversion of its own medium, from a purely visual space into a tactile one. Elevated and disaggregated from its utilitarian framework the tool is transformed into what… 

by Georgina Maddox.

Rajendra Patil’s 2021 Collection


Inbetween Hope And Fear (Exhibition)


The Good earth Exhibition

Rajendra Patil work expresses his rural and native traditions. His work expresses the intimate connection with the land and the tools used in his early life. One can hear and sense the atmosphere in the industry of forge, anvil, hammer, and bellows – the craftsmen making and shaping the tools. The manner and purpose of the tools must have assumed on almost ritual power in the permeable mind and imagination of his boyhood. The tools as image, sign, metaphor, and symbol are integral in his art. It is the root of these experiences that are embodied in His art. Patil is a storyteller his narrative evokes something of Vedic myth and epics as though looking at Patil’s work we unroll an antique scroll in reveals delicate signs and drawings. As with authentic and genuine work, there is an element of consciousness naively. His surreal drawing often appears as viewed through a microscopic slide that reveals organic and cellular motifs that have figurative configuration, suggesting deities and GodsFascinatingly they remind one of the pictographs and petroglyphs from simple mnemonic devise that remembered and recorded events like message boards that recorded maps, battles, accounts, and trade, etc. Other descriptions describe aspects and shammanic travel, vision quests-sign, and glyphs that delineated stages of trance (altered states) from the natural world to the supernatural world.  

The paintings in tableaux are like artifacts that have been used over time and have become worn and faded reminding us of tablets where text and sign emerge and recede as if embedded in a motrix leaving vestiges and traces of there ancient use

John Davide Crabtree, artist, Uk 




  • 1988 First Award for Painting “AVISHKAR”, Mumbai University
  • 1988 First Award for Creative Painting, Intercollege Competition, Mumbai University.
  • 1990 Best Academic Work Award L.S.Raheja School of Art, Mumbai.
  • 1990 Camlin Award for First Class First Student Govt. Diploma In Fine Art.
  • 1990 Usha Deshmukh Gold Medal for First Class Student (G.D.Art) Maharashtra. 
  • 1990 Best Portrait Award – Art Society of India.
  • 1991 Best Painting Award – Nasik Kala Niketan, Art Competition.
  • 1991 Award for Creative Painting – South Central Zone ,Cultural Centre Nagpur, 
  • Maharashtra.
  • 1991 Best painting Award Bhausaheb Deshmukh Academy, Amravati.
  • 1995 &1998 Merit Certificate Award V.V. Oak Art Competition Pune for Painting.
  • 2000 Rail Rang Shatabdi, National Art competition – Western Railway at NGMA.
  • 2001 professional State Art Award of Government of Maharashtra in Art Exhibition.
  • 2001& 2004 His Excellency the Governor of Maharashtra Prize & Medal for Best 
  • Entry – Bombay Art Society.
  • Participation In Camps 
  • Exhibitions & Other
  • Organisation 1987-89 National Service Scheme – Camp Leader Mumbai University. 
  • 1991 Artist Camp Organized by Artist Centre .
  • 1991-99 Regular Participation in Bombay Art Society.
  • 1991-97 Regular Participation in Art Society, Annual Exhibition.
  • 1991 & 97 Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, Art Exhibition.
  • 1991 Art Competition, Hyderabad Art Society.
  • 1991-2001 and 2019. Regular Participation in National Exhibition, Lalit Kala 
  • Academy, New Delhi.
  • 1991-98, 2018 Regular Participation in Rashtriya Kala Mela Lalit Kala Academy, 
  • New Delhi.
  • 1991-93 Indian Oil Art Exhibition, Mumbai.
  • 1992 Citi Bank Art Utsav, Mumbai.
  • 1992 “Fame” Art Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
  • 1996 Charity Auction by Silent Bidding of Contemporary Indian art at Nehru centre, 
  • Mumbai by Mrs Vipula Kadri and Mr Vibhuraj Kapoor .
  • 1998 Fifty Years Mumbai Art show, National Gallery of Modern art, Mumbai.
  • 2001 Harmony show organized by Tina Ambani at Nehru Centre Worli, Mumbai.
  • 2001 Donation show for Gujarat earthquake at National Gallery of Modern Art 
  • Mumbai.
  • 2003 Golden Jubilee Show Jehangir Art Gallery 
  • 2003 Creative Art Work Shop at Son-et-Lumiere.
  • 2006 Present Future Art Mumbai contemporary artist show, at National Gallery of  
  • Modern Art, Mumbai.
  • 2006 Participated in National Artist camp organized by L.K.A, New Delhi at Ooty.
  • 2006 Academy of fine art, Calcutta. invited artist for annual show
  • 2009 N ational renowned artist camp at Manor, organised by Ankan art foundation, 
  • Mumbai.
  • 2012- National artist painting camp Lalit kala academy and government college, 
  • Chennai
  • 2012- United Art Fair, Delhi
  • 2014- Drawing box show at Belfast, Dublin, Mexico, San Francisco, Philippines.



Group Shows


  • 1991 Jehangir Art Gallery, Monsoon Show. 
  • 1991 Artist Centre Mumbai.
  • 1992 Guild Gallery, Inaugural Show art Artist Centre Mumbai. 
  • 1993Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai three man show. 
  • 1994Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Two men Show.
  • 1995 Son-et-Lumiere, Inaugural Show Mumbai. 
  • 2002 Jehangir Art Gallery Golden Jubilee exhibition.
  • 2002 Mumbai Musings, Habitat Art Centre, New Delhi. 
  • 2006 Inaugural show gallery yantra (articulate),Mumbai. 
  • 2007 Anniversary Show Gallery Yantra (articulate),Mumbai
  • 2007 World Art Expo New York & Work Displayed Many US Gallery
  • 2008 The second international exhibition of visual arts, Brazil and UNESCO the 
  • event referred to the (international year of planet earth).
  • 2009 Lyrical abstract group show ,Delhi by Akan art foundation.
  • 2013 Host artist for drawing box mail art expo, inaugural exhibition, Mumbai.
  • 2014-JJ Today and Tomorrow show co-ordinated and participated 
  • 2015-Best 100 Artists print show by ICAC at Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai. 
  • 2017-Conflunce ,national artist group show by zenith art Delhi.
  • 2017- History and voyage show Bombay art society at NGMA Mumbai. 
  • 2017- invites Artist section Bharat bhavan biennale , Bhopal.
  • 2018- 1st international public art symposium by ANPIC and BDA (Bhubaneshwar 
  • development authority).
  • 2018-North East Art festival, Lalit Kala Academy Agartala, Tripura
  • 2019 coordinator and participants at national art camp LKA and Sir JJ school of art,Mumbai.


Solo Shows


  • 1995 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 
  • 1998 Oberoi Art Walk Gallery, Mumbai. 
  • 1999 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 
  • 2001 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 
  • 2005 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 
  • 2008 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 
  • 2013- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2019 – In between hope and fear at Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai
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