Lara Maltz

Lara Maltz is an Argentinian artist born in Buenos Aires in 1992. She is a Visual Artist and Director of Stop Motion Animation. Graduated from the Scenography career at the Metropolitan School of Dramatic Art (EMAD), in 2014, in Buenos Aires, Lara trained in workshops with different artists in disciplines such as engraving, drawing, painting, and sculpture. She continues her studies graduating from the Master of Stop Motion Animation, at the Barcelona Film School (ECIB), in 2019.
Currently lives and works in Barcelona, developing her artwork and animation films.

Lara Maltz develops her work in an eclectic way inspired by 

nature, the androgynous and amphibious. Guided by curiosity, she investigates various disciplines as ways to explore her being, with art as a path of knowledge. Look for beauty in diversity and the imperfect, putting into play certain taboos of society. In her work, we find characters of exaggerated aspects in theatrical climates, where the monstrous and beautiful coexist, awakening the mystery and estrangement. Her imagination is expressed through drawing, engraving, painting, sculpture, and also Stop Motion animation where all this world set in motion.

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