Giada Rotundo

Giada Rotundo was born in 1991 near Milan. The artist’s research is basically founded on images of the past. Giada’s art reflects the understanding of what has happened, at times forgotten, but represented in a modern way. That’s why we often see men depicted, from late 1800s beginning 1900s, reelaborated using present day techniques. She also concentrates on, in particular in her oil paintings, the use of colour. Giada Rotundo’s palette is usually covered in light pastels as well as focusing on placing cold colours besides warm ones. In fact, she often appreciates the matching of different shades of light blue with yellow, violet with orange and finally pink with blackGiada Rotundo’s overall aim is to create bright images evoking past ages in a pleasant harmonious glow. In 2017 she got Master’s Degree in fine arts, First Class Honours Brera Academy



2020: The artist stays home” (combating Covid-19), “Metodo Milano”, “Artist-run space”, “Milan Design Week”, “100 Artists Interpret a Sustainable Future”, “WePlanet” in collaboration with Mondadori Group and Mediamond and “Central Station”, inside the artistic lab of Grandi Stazioni in Milan Curated by Paolo Casserà.

2019: “Body Language”, Tirabasso Gallery, Hollywood, Milan Curated by Cecilia Meroni. She collaborated in 2019 with David Goldman Agency in New York. 

2017: “Isolation”, Passepartout Unconventional Gallery, Unahotels Expo Fiera Milano, Pero Curated by Elena Ferrari.

2016: “Differences”, Artepassante Project, Cittadini Stampa, Building, Abbiategrasso Curated by Angelo Falmi.

2015: “2 Novembre – Territori di Memoria“, Milan Curated by Renato Galbusera, Maria Luisa, Simone de Grada, Ardemia Oriani.

2013: “Are We What We Eat? Sustainability and Art”, Milan Curated by Antonio D’Avossa


2019: Art Exhibition on packaging, Milan Jury composed of Angelo Crespi, Paolo Lucci, Alessandra Redaelli, Fabio Viola. Promoted by Popack Art

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