Angela Scavo

Angela Scavo is a contemporary artist born in 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela. From an early age, she linked to artistic manifestations. In 2004, she graduated from the Armando Reveron Art School with a Major in Fine Arts and a Minor in Painting. Her studies included Graphic Arts, Sculpture, Photography, Pottery, and Mix Media, among many. She is also a drawer and illustrator, using analog and digital resources. Early in her artistic experience, she discovers the collage technique as the best way of expression. She has become especially interested in this craft, and it has become a recurring element in her work until today. Photographic appropriation combined with painting turned into her favorite technique. She calls this technique Picto Collage or Collage pictórico.

Her work has always been connected to the necessity of understanding the individual psyche and its interaction with society and vice versa: the way they affect each other. She´s based on a deep empathic sight of “the other” as a part and a reflection of herself. Her displays are usually of medium to small size, as well as miniatures. This accordance with her work character, as it compels the spectator to approach the object and discover hidden messages, analogies, and sarcasm that reinforce the artist´s objective.
She constructs rather surrealistic characters by using pieces of different pictures that have outstanding features. Her latest productions show especial interest for the feminine figure, starting from an almost-autobiographical point of view in which she addresses in a very unique manner the different roles of women as a mother, wife, daughter, lover, and part of an often limiting society.


  • Tripulantes del caracol II (Snail crew II). Caracas-Venezuela. 1999.
  • Primer Salón de arte postal (First postal art hall). Aragua-Venezuela. 2000
  • Temporaria (Temporary). Caracas-Venezuela. 2005
  • Salón municipal de las artes visuales Juan Lovera (Municipal hall of visual art Juan Lovera). Caracas- Venezuela. 2006
  • IV Salón Dycvensa. Ciudad, espacio y tiempo (IV Dycvensa Hall. City, space and time). Caracas-Venezuela. 2007
  • Inventario otra vez. (Inventory again). Caracas – Venezuela. 2010
  • Punto medio – Eclecticismo estético (Midpoint, Aesthetic eclecticism). Caracas-Venezuela. 2017
  • En el borde de la Pintura (On the edge of Painting). Caracas-Venezuela. 2018
  • El otro rock festival. (The other rocK Festival) Caracas-Venezuela. 2019
  • Breve. (Brief). Caracas-Venezuela 2019
  • Antes/Durante/ Después. (Before/During/After) Barcelona-España. 2020
  • Boom art community /movimiento efímero. Francia-España. 2021-2022
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