Amir Houshang Aghamiri

Amir Houshang Aghamiri is a Persian miniature artist born in Karaj, Iran in 1971. His professional artistic activity is started officially in 1990 when he becomes a member of the Association of the Iranian painting. He has a first degree in art in Expert in Hadicrafs from the Sura University of Teheran in 1997. The winner of the UAE International Festival of Painting in 2008, and the Algerian International Festival in 2010, Amir Houshang Aghamiri is a researcher and author of 12 volumes of educational books on traditional Iranian and Islamic art. He is a designer and creator of abstract designs and the arranger of more than 130 Volumes of literary and religious books in Farsi and English.

Other activities of Amir Hoshang Aghamiri

  • Researcher and author of the first comprehensive and practical definition of honor in the history of Iranian literature in the educational book called Sharafey-e Noore Mazhabi dar Tazhib (Honor of Spiritual light in Tazhib).
  • Member of the National handicraft organization of Iran
  • Member of the Stars of Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran since 2011
  • Honorary member and receiving the plaque of appreciation for jewelry in 2011
  • Managing director of Tazhib Art institute.
  • Managing director of Aghamiri Publication
  • Participate in numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions individually and in groups

Artwork’s Treasure of Amir Hoshang Aghamiri


The treasure in this collection includes works by Master Mohammad Baghr Aghamiri, Master Alireza Aghamiri, and Master Amir Hoshang Aghamiri. These works have been created from the ’80s until today and have been purchased from these artists. 


Of course, each of these works will be exposed to your view as a novel and unrepeatable artwork. 


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