Aleksandra Geremia

Aleksandra Geremia, with the art name ChechelShura, is a contemporary artist from Russia. Aleksandra’s artistic journey started at a very young age when Aleksandra’s parents brought her to a Fine Arts school in Russia. She has always enjoyed painting and drawing and wanted to use them in her career. She attended the school of Architecture in Russia, and then she graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she is currently working as a computational designer.

In the last couple of years, ChechelShura has dove into acrylic paintings. She is working hard to develop and improve her skills as an artist. Aleksandra enjoys art by experimenting with this medium.

Aleksandra’s inspiration combines natural, cosmic, and psychedelic patterns to create deep colorful scenes. She likes to experiment with shapes and forms and use them to suggest her ideas but still keeps her art open for interpretation.

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