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Alberto Erosi

Alberto Erosi was born in Crema on March 15, 1997. After attending the artistic high school, Alberto decided to enroll in the Fine Art Academy, where he is still studying and has the opportunity, to develop his ideas in his artistic path.
In Alberto Erosi’s artwork, painting has turned into a cognitive experience through which the artist becomes aware of himself. Each brushstroke, has its own raison d’être, that if he doesn’t know, he will perceive through the analysis of the finished painting. In Alberto’s main series entitled ‘Geyser‘, he has been inspired by the physical concept of geyser, which is, a source of boiling water that emits intermittent eruptions, and he  has interpreted this natural phenomenon on an emotional level. The physical aspect of geyser becomes a concentration of emotions and feelings that, suddenly and powerfully, springs from an indefinite point.Alberto

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