Peyman Naji

Peyman (Mohsen) Naji, born on 24 August 1980, is an Iranian director, screenwriter, and actonema (The House of Cinema) and a screenwriting teacher in Iran. Peyman Naj graduated in Acting in 2013 from the Karnameh institute in Teheran. He graduated in Directing from the lesson of Famous Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi and graduated in directing from the course of Shahram Mokri.

  • Bomb, a short film directed by Meysam Hassanzadeh, Role: Screenwriter and Director
    consultant, 2005
  • Doreh(Period), a short film directed by Abbas Ranjbar, Role: Screenwriter, 2013
  • Darvag, Feature film directed by Abolfazl Jalili, Role: actor, 2013
  • Chaharshanbeh(Wednesday), Feature Movie directed by Soroush Mohammadzadeh,
    Role: Screenwriter, 2015
  • Consciousness, a short film directed by Mehdi Sediqi, Role: Screenwriter and actor,
  • Elevator, a short film directed by Adel Masoumian, Role: Screenwriter and Actor, 2017
  • Rozi Rozgari Dar Sharq(Once Upon a Time in East), a short film directed by Ehsan
    Naji, Role: Screenwriter and Actor, 2019
  • Woody Allen Takes Revenge, short film – Role: Writer and Director, and Actor, 2021


  • Delshekastegan(Heartbroken), a show directed by Mohammad Rezaei, Role: Actor,
  • Soosk(Cockroach), a show directed by Amir Kayani, Role: Actor, 1995
  • Koocheh(Valley), a show directed by Ehsan Naji, Role: Playwright, 2004
  • Two Thieves Went to Steal a Goat, a show directed by Siavash Tayeb Taher, Role:
    Playwright, 2012 
  • Glengarry Glen Ross, a show director by Parsa Pirouzfar, Role: Directing Group, 2013
  • Panchari, a show directed by Mithaq Zare, Role: Actor, 2016
  • Nazmiyeh Zanan (The Womans Police Station), a show directed by Asghar Khalili, Role: Actor, 2017
  • Molaghat (The Meeting), a show directed by Parsa Pirouzfar, Role: Actor, 2018


  • Bon Bast(Dead end), a movie directed by Hamed Khairi, Role: Screenwriter, 2010
  • Sarzamin Kohan(The Ancient Land), a series directed by Kamal Tabrizi, Role: Actor, 2011
  • Omri Mesle Gol(A life like a Flower), a movie directed by Mohammad Hossein Ishaghi, Role: Rewriting the script and Actor, 2011
  • The Hacker, a TV movie directed by Hossein Tabrizi, Role: Actor, 2016
  • Dorahi(Dilemma) series, Role: Screenwriter and Casting, 2019

Woody Allen Takes Revenge is a short film about Mamzy, an amateur theater director who loves Woody Allen. He prepares a theater group and starts rehearsing Woody Allen’s Death Knocks. Mamzy decides to play The Death role himself. But everything goes terribly…



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