Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary

Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary is a qualified creative VFX Compositor with over ten years of experience as a visual effects artist in the entertainment industry.
He has collaborated on various movie projects, including Squad of Girls 2022(Winner of the Best Visual Effects Award at the 40th Fajr International Film Festival), World War III 2023(Winner of the Orizzonti Awards for Best Film and Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival 2022), the TV series Khatoon(Once Upon a Time in Iran – 2021), the short film Zaqqum, The Three Of Hell 2022(Winner of the Best Poster at the Rome Prisma Film Award) and many other projects as a VFX compositor.


Creating and producing the composition and framing the shots properly for any scene, camera animation, object, and cloth animation in After Effects are some crafts of Mohammad Amin. He has skillfulness in problem-solving and providing creative solutions for each production in compositing, dividing tasks, and creating coordination between other compositors, and the ability to work with all heads of departments and directors on large projects.


Reel Cobin – 3D AnimationDemo
Compositor: Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary
3D Artist: Vahid Tanzifian

Shahnameh is a motion comic directed by Hossein Saffarzadegan and inspired by the mythological poesies of Shahnameh by Abul-Qâsem Ferdowsi Tusi(940 – 1020 AD). The series contains 400 minutes of animation published in 10-minute episodes. Various parts of the series have reproduced mythical stories like the birth of Zal, the battle of Munchehr with Salem and Tor, the revolt of Manouchehr, the kingdom of Fereydon, etc.

Shahnameh – Motion Comic
Art director: Aria Safarzadegan
Compositor Supervisor: Mohammad Amin Ghazanfari

Intermediate level of lighting rendering, modeling, and professional level Visual effects compositing in different software such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Nuke, Anime Studio Moho, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects, Mohammad Amin has a significant responsibility during project implementation and delivery. His extensive experience in several projects, TV series, short films, feature films, architecture, and commercials with different styles of 2D, 3D, motion comics, and cut-outs made him one of the most successful international Visual effects artists.

VFX Breakdown – Action At A Distance
Directed and Produced by Domantas Storukes and Yasaman Nooshinfar.
Compositor Supervisor: Mohammad Amin Ghazanfari
Rotoscope Artist: Hadis Naghshineh

Winner at the Rome Prisma Film Award, Zaqqum, The Tree Of Hell is an avant-garde and experimental Short Film directed by Hesam Sharifi. Read More about the film Here.

Zaqqum, The Tree Of Hell – Official Trailer
Visual Effects: Mohammad Amin Ghazanfari

VFX Breakdown – REEL

Compositor Supervisor: Mohammad Amin Ghazanfari
3D Artist: Vahid Tanzifian

Mohammad Amin and his creative team have professional talents in various techniques such as MatchMove 3d camera tracking by Pftrack and Boujou, Color Matching CG, Object Removal, Matte Painting, Keying, Color Correction, Light (reflection, refraction, shadows), Perspective, Photography. They can produce different styles of animation compositions using Nuke, After Effects, and Mocha.
The team has capable experience in lighting rendering, modeling, and professional-level compositing using different software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke, Anime Studio Moho, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.

VFX Team

Hadis Naghshineh

Hadis Naghshineh is a talented VFX Compositor born in 1994 in Kermanshah, Iran. She graduated In Television and Digital arts with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Iranian painting from Isfahan University of Art. She has worked in well-known series and films as a rotoscope and VFX Compositor: Adbhut 2023(rotoscope and VFX compositor artist), World War III 2023(Winner of the Orizzonti Awards for Best Film and Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival 2022 – rotoscope artist), Squad of Girls 2022(Winner of the Best Visual Effects Award at the 40th Fajr International Film Festival – rotoscope artist), TV series Khatoon 2021(Once Upon a Time in Iran – rotoscope artist), Mafia on the Brave 2021(rotoscope artist) and Wormhole short film 2022(rotoscope artist).

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Vahid Tanzifian

Vahid Tanzifian is a 3D artist born in Isfahan, Iran. He has professional skills in 3D animations and cinema visual effects productions. He has collaborated in various movie and television projects, as well as in the creation of acclaimed short animations. Vahid Tanzifian, with more than 15 years of experience and a strong career in animation, video games, and cinema, is masterful in various specialties in the field, including dynamic simulation, lighting rendering, and modeling.

Mohammadreza Mohammadifard

Mohammadreza Mohammadifard is a Designer, 2D animation artist, and motion graphic artist born in Isfahan, Iran. He has professional skills in 2D animation development and visual effects productions. Proficient in Moho, After Effects, Photoshop, Spine, and Maya software, Mohammadreza is an award-winning artist experienced in all stages of the production of 2D animation projects.

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