The Ziggurat Company boasts a team characterized by a fusion of diverse expertise, each member contributing a unique brushstroke to the canvas of the organization. Together, they navigate the complex intersections of art and commerce, with a shared goal of presenting independent artists from around the world as a unified brand through Ziggurat Virtual Art Gallery.

Hadi Farahmand
President, Founder and Executive Director

Hadi Farahmand is a Composer, Producer, and Film Distributor born in Tehran in 1986. After graduating in Classical Music Composition from Tehran Art University in 2013, he embarked on an enriching chapter in Italy, where he started the study of Musicologia at Milan University. Read More…

Established in 2020 by Hadi Farahmand, Zigguart Virtual Art Gallery stands as a groundbreaking Talent Agency designed to unite independent artists worldwide under a singular, cohesive Brand. Functioning as a collaborative space for creatives hailing from diverse countries, the gallery aims to transcend geographical boundaries and cultivate a shared identity. By fostering collaboration among these independent artists, Zigguart seeks to present their collective work in a unique and prestigious form. 

Embracing the digital realm, the gallery provides a dynamic platform for artists to exhibit their creations through immersive virtual exhibitions, ensuring global accessibility and engagement with their diverse artistic expressions. Beyond traditional gallery experiences, Zigguart acts as a catalyst for artists, functioning as a talent agency that strategically positions their work in the market, with the ultimate goal of elevating the visibility and success of the collective body of art.


Sara Mokhavat
Film Distributor

Sara Mokhavat is an Iranian writer and filmmaker with a background in screenwriting and play-directing. She has worked in both cinema and theatre as an actress, writer, and director since 2004. Her academic history and experimental activities have given her the vision and courage necessary for her creative career. Read More…

Within the dynamic framework of the Zigguart Team, Sara emerges not only as a skilled and accomplished professional artist but also as a vital contributor in the role of a distributor. Sara brings a unique perspective to the team, leveraging her artistic sensibilities alongside her keen understanding of the distribution landscape. Through her dual role, she seamlessly bridges the gap between artistic creation and market accessibility, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the diverse works curated by Zigguart reach and resonate with a broader audience. Sara’s presence within the Zigguart Team exemplifies the collaborative spirit of the collective, where individual talents converge to shape a unified and impactful artistic identity.


Hesam Sharifi
Artist Manager

Hesam Sharifi is a multi-talented professional, proficient in Painting, illustration, painting, motion graphics, and character design. He also dabbles in screenwriting, directing, and editing, complementing his primary career. His exceptional talent as a character designer and illustrator has earned him recognition from advertising magazines. Hesam Sharifi’s outstanding talent has earned him numerous accolades, including the “Different Look” section at the Fajr International Festival, where his painting was featured in the Tehran Martyrs Museum. His latest project, the avant-garde and experimental short film “Zaqqum, The Tree of Hell,” won the Best Film Poster at Rome Prisma Films Awards in October 2022. Read More…

Within the Zigguart framework, Hesam Sharifi serves as the Artist Manager, playing a crucial role in the cultivation and support of artistic talent. In this capacity, Sharifi assumes responsibilities that span artist representation, strategic career development, and the facilitation of opportunities for the creators under his purview. With a focus on fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment, he actively engages in the management and promotion of artists, ensuring their work reaches its full potential within the Zigguart community. 


Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary
Visual Effects Team Supervisor

Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary is an accomplished and highly skilled Creative VFX Compositor with an impressive decade-long track record in the entertainment industry. With extensive experience as a visual effects artist, he has played a pivotal role in the success of various notable projects, including the award-winning Squad of Girls 2022 and World War III 2023. Mohammad Amin has also contributed his talents to the TV series Khatoon and the short film Zaqqum, along with The Three Of Hell 2022, which secured the Best Poster award at the Rome Prisma Film Award. Read More…


Currently serving as the Visual Effects Team Supervisor at Zigguart, he excels in managing and leading a group of visual artists, ensuring top-notch quality and creativity. In this role, he demonstrates exceptional proficiency in overseeing and guiding a team of visual artists, guaranteeing the delivery of top-notch quality and creative excellence.  For any professional inquiries or collaborations, please reach out to Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary via email.For professional inquiries, please contact Mohammad Amin Ghazanfary via email.




Mehdi Samimi
Technical Support

Mehdi Samimi is a Web and OS developer, Site Admin and Web Designer borned in Borojerd, Iran in 1997. He first started his academic education in 2016 at Isfahan University of Technology, as a bachelor of computer science student. In 2021, He finished his degree and moved to Milan, Italy to persue his academic career as a Telecommunication Engineering Master’s degree student that is focuses on Internet Engineering. During this time he gained more advanced knowledge about Web Developement and UI/UX.

Meanwhile his career was developing as a Business Analyst and Software Engineer in two Milan based companies that enriched his capability as a IT Specialist and Full Stack developer which is going on until this day. These career path, helped him to acheive speciality in Web Management and E-Commerce Market Developer.
In Zigguart Team, Mehdi is Technical Manager which manages web and SEO related support of the website, His Main Programming Language is Python, and He used CSS, HTML and WordPress to enrich and secure Zigguart Website.



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