Hadi Farahmand

Hadi Farahmand is a Composer, Producer, and Film Distributor born in Tehran in 1986. After graduating in Classical Music Composition from Tehran Art University in 2013, he embarked on an enriching chapter in Italy, where he started the study of Musicologia at Milan University. His exploration extended to the ambient of Electronic Music at the Electronic Music School in the renowned Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano. Since 2014, Hadi has been an active participant in various artistic projects in Milan, leaving an indelible mark through endeavors such as “BARBABLÙ E GLI ALTRI” (2016), a captivating musical show performed at the Museo del Novecento, Milan, and “KRAPP’S LAST TAPE” (2017), a collaborative production with director and playwright Corrado Accordino staged at Teatro Binnario 7 in Monza, Italy.

Beyond his role as a journalist and editor with Spettacolo News, an online art journal in Rome, his scholarly pursuits came to fruition in the form of the essay “Musica e danza nel cinema Iraniana prima della Rivoluzione: il caso del Filmfarsi.” Co-authored with Emilio Sala, this piece delves into the intricate intersections of Iranian music and cinema, published in July 2020 in the esteemed Musica e Realtà, founded by Luigi Pestalozza. The producer and composer of the soundtrack of the short film Zaqqum, The Tree Of Hell, Hadi Farahmand, unveiling his penchant for electronic music, continued his sonic exploration with the single “Strait of Hormuz,” a captivating composition presented at the SIIDS 2020 SYMPOSIUM: ONLINE festival in Portugal. Hadi Farahmand’s artistic journey unfolds as a harmonious blend of journalism, cinema, and music, each facet contributing to the vibrant mosaic of his multifaceted career.

Established in 2020 by Hadi Farahmand, Zigguart Virtual Art Gallery stands as a groundbreaking Talent Agency designed to unite independent artists worldwide under a singular, cohesive Brand. Functioning as a collaborative space for creatives hailing from diverse countries, the gallery aims to transcend geographical boundaries and cultivate a shared identity. By fostering collaboration among these independent artists, Zigguart seeks to present their collective work in a unique and prestigious form. 

Embracing the digital realm, the gallery provides a dynamic platform for artists to exhibit their creations through immersive virtual exhibitions, ensuring global accessibility and engagement with their diverse artistic expressions. Beyond traditional gallery experiences, Zigguart acts as a catalyst for artists, functioning as a talent agency that strategically positions their work in the market, with the ultimate goal of elevating the visibility and success of the collective body of art.

Hadi Farahmand

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