Valentina Albanese

Valentina Albanese was born in 1983. She is an artist and art Historian. Art has always been her way of communicating with her surroundings since she was a child. And she deals precisely with children in creative experimental art workshops. ” Art allows you to express emotions, feel free,” She says. It does not belong to any artistic movements but passes from watercolors to acrylics, from pencil to charcoal up to the digital visual arts. Undoubtedly, what emerges from her works is the sense of ambivalent human, which is generally seen alone. Valentina’s personality and works are therefore full of contrasts and melancholy. While she, the Creative and art history lover, sought a way to connect these passions of her. Valentina’s Art’sEyes project consists of creating DigitalCollages that 

.combines self-portraits with works of art. The artist’s eyes are replaced with that of the painting. Some sort of combination that creates a connection between the present and the past. Sometimes provocative, her works reinterpret the classic arts by giving them a modern meaning.

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