Somayeh Rahmani

Somayeh Rahmani was born in Tehran in 1993. She has a bachelor’s degree in painting from the Art University of Semnan. Somayeh Rahmani has participated in numerous exhibitions: ‘Eclectic‘ group exhibition and, ‘7.3 Richter‘ group exhibition (in support of the Kermanshah earthquake victims) in the ‘White Line’ gallery, the first painting Expo in the Alzahra University, Pardis-e-Mellat Gallery, ‘Tomorrow’s Artists’ group exhibition (Expo selected artists), Bagh-e-Ketab Gallery, ‘Cats are not for sale‘ group exhibition, Dargoon Gallery, ‘Piece‘ group exhibition, Saa Gallery, ‘500,600,700’ exhibition, Ace Gallery, and ‘Dar Bood‘ group exhibition in Negah Gallery in Tehran.omayeh

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