Travis Simone

Travis Simone on Zigguart – Travis Simone is a young self-taught artist from Stamford, CT. He says: I’ve struggled with all forms of abuse and mental illness all of my life. I’ve always tried to find a release for myself and growing up I got myself into lots of trouble. It wasn’t until recently I discovered painting. I started putting my feelings on to the canvas and just let my feelings move my hand. My paintings cover my dealings with PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. With painting, I’ve found understanding my depression and cope with it a little easier. When I was two weeks old I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis which ended up needing surgery on my neck.  

I only had a 5% chance of making it through surgery and was only left with early arthritis and a crooked neck. Being that early arthritis started a few years ago, I’m always struggling with pain in my neck so I try to channel that in my paintings as well. I’ve realized as much negativity goes into my paintings, the more positive I feel. Painting has been an amazing release for me and I’d love to start a career being a painter. I’m new to it so I have lots to learn but I’m excited every step of the way!

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