Sara Yeganeh

Sara Yeganeh is a self-taught Iranian artist born in Teheran on the 4th of February in 1999. Sara’s artistic journey started at a very young age when she has started to represent her emotions through drawing.

I have always known myself as an artist. It was a race or a Bing for me. I have begun drawing even before I could talk. My life had so many ups & downs. With the family problems and the political situation of my country, the only way that I could meditate and express my feeling was by painting and working with colors“. Sara says.

In 2016, Sara went to London Abby DLD college for A levels, where she has studied Photography, Art & Design, and Graphics.

In London, I felt like I was capable more than ever. I knew I was so close to what I wanted in my whole life, but due to circumstances & political problems, I had to get back To Iran in 2018. Since then, I was experimenting with a lot of different art subjects and styles. Currently, I study art at the Azad University of Tehran.

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