Rebecca Beris

Rebecca Beris is a contemporary artist who paints primarily in acrylic paints. She is originally from Australia, where she graduated with a Master in Visual Arts from Melbourne University in Australia. Rebecca holds several successful solo and group art exhibitions in Melbourne, Australia, before moving to Israel. She displayed a passion for art from early childhood and, this love of art led her to study visual art full time as an undergraduate at Monash University and then as a graduate at Melbourne University.
For Rebecca, art fulfills two purposes. Firstly, it is a form of personal expression and a means of connecting on a deep level to usual experiences that we all share as humans. Secondly, it 

acts as a form of meditation that helps Rebecca connect to her inner sense of peace and harmonyAcrylic painting is her chosen medium for expression. The texture and vibrancy of acrylic paint appeal to her sensibility and, it provides Rebecca with the best and most direct means of expression. She typically paints with acrylic paints directly on a blank stretch canvas without the need for sketching with a pencil.

For me, art is also about the process of correction. Through the process of painting, I continuously modify and refine the image until it conveys my intended message and story. Lines and forms Are corrected until they ‘fall into place. In this sense, painting is a type of discovery. It is about uncovering the work of art and revealing it for all to see, Says Rebecca.


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