Milad Ismailianfard

Milad Ismailianfard is an Iranian contemporary artist born in Mashhad in 2001. Milad has been interested in painting since he was a child trying to show his mental images to others.
Has started drawing professionally in 2009, Milad intends to share the silent feelings and emotions that he has found inside himself. “I like to show people what I see in my internal reality to be seen and perceived by somebody in the external existence”. Milad says.

Milad defines his style as a kind of Expressionism or Neo-expressionism art, although he works in different ways. But why Expressionism? 

“Because my feelings are nothing but silent feelings, and I can not create anything except the dark. I have shown these feelings with crowded portraits and paintings, broken lines, warm and sharp colors to share my inner feeling with the audience”.

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