Ghazaleh Eghbal

Ghazale Eghbal Hamed was born in September 1985 in Tehran. She had a keen interest in beauty since childhood. So, with the encouragement and support of her family, she began studying graphic arts at the Art Conservatory. At this time, with a passion for drawing and painting, she chose to study Painting at university, where she graduated and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of SoorehBefore and after her graduation, Ghazale  managed to exhibit at the Sooreh Gallery and the Laleh Hotel. After a short break, Ghazale Eghbal continued her studying for a higher degree in art again. After graduation from a Masters degree, she held numerous solo and group exhibitions. The style of her works varies greatly depending on the social and psychological conditions and the atmosphere.

used in most paintings is acrylic, and oil paint on canvas or boards. Most of the works are real figures and portraits in surreal atmosphere, and the eyes often show anger, sadness and even joy.

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