Domingo Laya

Venezuelan artist Domingo Javier Laya Linarez was born on July 18 of 1981, in San Felipe, Yaracuy State. Influenced by his mother, who was a librarian and teacher, from an early age, Domingo has become involved in the world of art: puppetry, drawing, literature, and music. In his hometown at age 14, Domingo has started to study at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas “Carmelo Fernández” where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts. In 1998, he moved to the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, where he has continued his preparation in the world of the plastic arts. In 2002, Domingo started to study in one of the most important universities in Venezuela: The Armando Reverón University Institute of Plastic Arts.  He has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual arts at only 21 years old. He 

currently lives in Chile. His plasticity originates from a personal perspective and aesthetic concern, taking advantage of imperfections. Accidents and limitations, and mixing them with the correct use of the colors; Domingo’s artwork, make a balance between the beautiful and the malformed. He Tries to create an equilibrium between the natural and the ostentatious. A sort of balance between a gestural and expressive figuration and abstraction of colors and textures.

Domingo’s paintings are multiform, changing, and versatile. He learns and experiments constantly. It’s like a living entity in tenacious evolution, transforming into states of mind and physical forms that metamorphosis. A stain gives him strength, and simultaneously he draws the shape that emerges from it. It appears and disappears in the trace of the brushstrokes. Sometimes it becomes something material that gives it a picto-symbolic character and great visual weight.

The texture creates spaces and rhythms through well-defined and marked contrasts. It makes figures and background, thus giving intensity and drama, which get to permeate each viewer.

The color charges amazing energy that passes beyond intuition, covered with multiple facets of light, pain, brightness, and tears. The colors in Domingo Laya’s artwork evoke new dimensions that move and invite us to discover worlds outside of idealizations and utopias. Domingo Laya externalizes his inner world. He tries to idealizing it from beauty, building a unique and alternative world with a very intimate vision of the spiritual and the sacred, full of peculiar faces, people, and animals. He paints the ineffable to us, trying to show us a different beauty of each day. From the daily chaos that we are submerged in, and we don’t want to realize it. In his particular imagination, the spots, the colors, and the textures create the world. A world that he has known in the books and the space of the libraries. He has traveled and lived in it since he was a child.

Domingo Laya has participated at the national level in:

  •  Individual Exhibition “Rastro Santo” (Carmelo Fernández Museum, San Felipe Yaracuy state, 2015). “Plastic Devotion”,
  • Individual Exhibition (Ateneo de Aroa, Bolívar Municipality, Yaracuy state, 2013); Ibero-American Art Fair with the Templarios Gallery (Caracas, 2009). CANTV room,
  • Youth with FIA, Open Looks, Corp Banca (Caracas, 2005). Second Hall of Arts Exxon Móvil, S. A. de Venezuela, National Art Gallery (Caracas, 2003).


In his international experience, it includes:

  •  Annotations of a Bestiary” Workshops of the 12:00 Gallery (Bogotá, Colombia, 2021)
  • Before, During and After” Espai 30 Cultural Center – La Sagrera (Barcelona, Spain, 2021)
  • Permanent Exhibition at Galería Mundo 2020 (Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2020) 
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