Duda Gorter

Duda Gorter is a Brazil-based filmmaker and storyteller known for her passionate commitment to independent cinema. Born Born Maria Eduarda G. de Almeida, she began her artistic journey in the world of theater, initially as an actress. Over time, her love for storytelling led her to explore various roles within the theatrical realm, eventually transitioning into directing. With a keen eye for narrative and character, Duda honed her craft on stage, working on numerous plays and earning acclaim for her directorial prowess.

Transitioning from theater to the world of audiovisual storytelling, Gorter expanded her creative horizons. She delved into different aspects of filmmaking, gaining experience and expertise in various areas of production. It was during this period that she discovered her passion for screenwriting and directing, ultimately emerging as an acclaimed filmmaker in her own right.

Gorter’s cinematic journey is characterized by a diverse body of work, ranging from intimate dramas to experimental pieces. Her films are marked by a distinct blend of artistic vision and emotional depth, capturing the intricacies of the human experience with honesty and empathy.

Outside of her filmmaking endeavors, Gorter also contributed to the development of talent in the industry, serving as a casting director at PUC-Rio for nearly a decade. Through her work, she has not only shaped compelling narratives on screen but also nurtured the next generation of storytellers.

  • A Visita (The Visit) – 2002 – Role: Screenplay/Director
  • Francamente… (Frankly…) – 2003- Role: Screenplay/Director
  • Na Madrugada (Journey into Night) – 2008 – Role: Screenplay/Director, Recognition: Short Film Corner – Cannes 2009
  • Fantasia Improviso – 1 Movimento (Fantasie Impromptu – A prologue) – 2016 – Role: Screenplay/Director, Recognition: Short Film Corner – Cannes 2016
  • Umidade(Moisture) – 2023Winner for the Best Director at Toronto International Women Film Festival(2023) 


In a gray city in the near future, religious sects and rats live on the prowl. It rains non-stop.

MOISTURE (Umidade), a film by Duda Gorter 
Running Time: 00:25:24
Genre: Dystopian Drama – Short
Shooting Format: Full color – Digital 4k H264
Exhibition Format: MOV (Quicklime)
Audio Format: 2channel stereo 48 kHz
Completed: February 22, 2023, Brazil

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