Ashkan Zehtab

Born in 1995 in Tabriz, Ashkan Zehtab is a contemporary filmmaker from Iran. He studied Theater at UCNA University in Tehran and graduated with a Master’s degree in Theater Directing at the same University. He has participated as a Director, Stage Assistance, and screenplay writer in several short films and Theatre projects in Iran.

Zehtab’s last short film Lymph tells the story of a woman who knows that Cancer is going to defeat her…


  • Takhte Sefid(Whiteboard) – a film Directed by Amin Sharvani and Ashkan Zehtab – 2011, Tabriz
  • Cafe Ka – a film directed by Hadi Amini – Role: Stage Assistant – 2011, Tabriz
  • Eghdam Bayad Kard(The Act Must Be Taken) – a film directed by Mohammad Zalian – Role: Director Advisor – 2011, Tabriz
  • The Girl Selling Matches – a film directed by Milad Delasa – Role: Director of Cinematography – 2014, Tabriz

Short Films:

  • Cover – a short film directed by Ehsan Majouni – Role: Screenplay Advisor, 2021, Tehran
  • With Mama – a short film directed by Omid Shavandi – Role: Project Advisor, 2022, Tehran


  • Metamorphosis Tree – a film directed by Mohammad Zalian – Role: Director Advisor, 2012, Tabriz


  • The Friday Evening Story – Director: Babak Dasineh – Role: Project Manager, 2017, Tabriz
  • American Buffalo – Directed by Mahdi Asadi – Role: Advertising Consultant, 2016, Tabriz
  • Wild Goose – Directed by Babak Dasineh – Role: Project Manager, 2014, Tabriz
  • Mirror – Directed by Mohammad Zalian – Role: Project Manager, 2015, Tabriz
  • Nader Shah – Directed by Mirmilad Mahdizadeh – Role: Advertiser, 2017, Tabriz
  • Hamlet – Directed by Shayan Afshordi – Role: Actor, 2020, Tabriz
  • Pandemonium – Role: Director, 2014, Tabriz
  • White Flower – Role: Director, 2014, Tabriz
  • Qajar Coffee – Role: Director, 2019, Tabriz
  • Misunderstanding – Role: Director, 2017, Tabriz
  • Mummy – Role: Director, 2019, Tabriz

She is a woman who knows that Cancer is going to defeat her. She wants to take back her everyday life from the thought of Death. She is a woman. She wants to be released from all her tumors and reclaim her mundane daily life. She screams everyday Woman, life, freedom.


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