Experience on Zigguart – Farhad Irani is a photographer, video director, and musician born in June 1985 in Tehran, Iran. Farhad was born with a rare genetic condition known as Treacher Collins syndrome as was the same for his mother(read more about this artist).

Beautiful artwork by Farhad Irani
Style: Photographs/artwork
Technique: Digital art, 2020
Image dimensions and resolution: 8256 X 5504, 300 dpi
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Photography is a moment of divine creation in the present time – a moment which would otherwise be lost in the eternal passage of time. The photographer captures the everlasting nature of life as a celestial creator in the present time.  Farhad's creativity and perspective are different than most due to the rare sufferings and pains that he has had to endure as a person born with Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS). Farhad's severe facial abnormality has hidden his true face and his photography is an expression of this unseen face. The external wounds inflicted upon Farhad's soul from early childhood are often seen in his photography.

Pictures such as the burning cigarette and the faceless mirror are symbolic of the emotions that I've experienced in my life. My wounds are patched through photography and my soul finds ease through creativity. The common theme seen in most pictures of mine is that of isolation and appearance versus reality. The hands which hide my face are the same hands that push the shutter button and give hope to the unending turmoil of a person born with TCS in Iran. Farhad says.

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Production details: CAMERA : NIKON / D850 LENS : 58 mm F NUMBER : F 9 EXPORSURE TIME : 1/125 PRODUCTION DATE: OCTOBER 6, 2018 AT 2:39 AM


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