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Marcello Scarselli
Abstract and Informal Expressionism, Sign Gestures, and Infantile Oneirism
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Art For Modern Design
"Looking for Myself" New Collection by Maristella Angeli
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Horacio Carrena
A new vision of the contemporary media - Browse The Collection
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Art For Modern Design

Misty - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

The design of any room can be pulled together significantly by a single piece of striking wall art, and we can find brilliant examples of this theory in this collection of interior shots that feature large and colorful works of modern art. Your wall art can introduce color to your room that was never there, to begin with, but will become a welcome addition by adding vibrancy to the overall look. By keeping the artwork more on the abstract side you do not risk introducing too many new themes along with your new splash of color. The solitary bowl beneath, in a contrasting color, works well here. Here in Zigguart Virtual Art Gallery, you can discover a thousand pieces of abstract artwork created by independent and contemporary artists. Every work is unique and will be a great addition to your interior – or will become a wanted, stylish and modern gift.

Brass plate etching on 400gsm handmade paper – Limited edition. From Rajendra Patil Para's Abstract Art Collection 2021

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Zigguart Multimedia Platform

Zigguart’s Multimedia is a Talent Agency that independent directors can appoint to become the manager of their films to ensure the continued preservation and availability of those works in the future.
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She is a woman who knows that Cancer is going to defeat her. She wants to take back her everyday life from the thought of Death… See More

Farhad, a well-known Iranian photographer, together with his wife Mahsa, decided to leave Iran due to difficulties faced back home.… See More

An actor is trying to create a creature in the motion capture studio, but the situation changes against his will.  See More…

In a girl-high school, in downtown Tehran, at the blank spot on the school’s CCTV, something horrible had happened, something very unusual. The staffs are so angry, devastated, and shocked. The school principal decides to take action to control the situation and calm the air. She summons three students who she believes are involved with the issue…  See More…

Who is Zigguart?!

Zigguart is a virtual Art Gallery. Its main goal is to introduce and promote independent artists’ artworks from all around the world. The idea is to create an intercultural community among artists and their audiences, having a united philosophy with different styles and artistic expressions.

Zigguart is also the best place for Art Lovers! You can discover and buy artwork from the best emerging artists worldwide. Whether you’re looking to find a new artist, add a modern art piece to your home, or commemorate a significant life event, Zigguart presents you with thousands of original works by contemporaries and professional artists.

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